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The Risk of Smallpox and Vaccinia Vaccination vs.
Nature’s Way of Avoiding Disease

Experts advise against vaccination for smallpox saying it may be more hazardous than it’s worth! Alternative methods of prevention suggested.


People who put their faith and trust in the Bush administration’s smallpox vaccination program are foolish, if not suicidal, according to many smallpox experts, even those working for the federal government.

According to Dr. Thomas Mack, University of Southern California School of Medicine professor, among the nation’s leading smallpox experts, preparations for smallpox attack and mass vaccination campaigns are proceeding politically, but not logically. Nor can they be expected to be more effective than deadly.

If smallpox was released into the American population, “dissemination from the individual cases would probably be relatively limited,” Dr. Mack informed the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), that had met to set smallpox vaccination guidelines on behalf of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, in June, 2002. “We don’t need vaccination, we need personnel,” Dr. Mack insisted.

His advice, based on 40 years of experience directing smallpox vaccination campaigns in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, included knowledge that smallpox prevention and eradication depends mostly on surveillance and isolation of infected individuals people who would best be treated in the comfort and privacy of their homes by loved ones and “first responders” using modern inexpensive methods of infection control, such as gloves, masks, disinfection, and safe methods of waste disposal.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, an osteopathic physician who has covered the re-emerging smallpox vaccination program from the start, questions more than Dr. Mack. Testifying before another ACIP meeting on this subject held in St. Louis on June 8, 2002, this Cleveland, Ohio-based clinician warned that, “Vaccinating the general public with the vaccinia vaccine will cover only a small fraction of the potential risk that could come from terrorism. However, the risk of medical complications from this vaccine is not potential but real, and that risk exceeds any perceived benefit that may come from the inoculation.”

Another outspoken critic of the Bush administration’s smallpox vaccination program is Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an internationally known expert in public health and author of the pre-9/11 shocker, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787). This award winning writer calls the smallpox vaccine “a 1950s brew of chemically treated, freeze dried, cow pus with mercury.” He notes that it has been “diluted five times from its original questionably effective, admittedly toxic, concentrate.” Then he says, “You’d have to be extremely gullible to believe this ancient ‘immunization,’ developed by a proven charlatan [referring to Dr. Jenner], would deliver physical salvation from modern strains of smallpox (i.e., variola) that have been significantly modified (i.e., ‘hyperweaponized’) by the world’s leading doctors of death working for the ‘Axis of Evil.’” 

These doctors, along with thousands of others forming the American scientific consensus, determined on June 18, 2002, to restrict smallpox vaccinations to less than 15,000 “first responders.” Two days later, Bush administration officials, and media “spin doctors,” without any persuasive explanation, upped the target to 500,000.Another 500,000 military personnel were added to help quarantine and vaccinate up to 280 million Americans at the first declaration of a smallpox “outbreak.”

A History of Smallpox Fraud

Meanwhile, myriad overlooked details about the history of smallpox vaccination programs, from Edward Jenner’s time to the present, smacks of an ongoing deadly deception.

The Bush administration’s rapidly evolving World War III a “holy war” against “terrorism” has cast frightened and confused Americans into a microbial abyss. According to Dr. Horowitz, “White collar terrorists,” working for pharmaceutical industrialists, wedded to White House officials, “have manipulated the media for manufactured madness.” He cites evidence proving the current smallpox fright and program was being planned as early as 1999, possibly 1996. (See: Congressional testimony by Bioport’s Robert C. Myers, III at http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/anthrax/anthrax_espionage.html

Dr. Horowitz points to the irony of repeating history. America, supposedly, the greatest “superpower” in the world, now faces the same lethal nemesis military commanders faced in 1776 when “the King of Terrors in America” was the smallpox virus. It was never determined whether British or American operators loosed the agent during General Washington’s siege of Quebec City. In either case, the germ forced the American Army to retreat that year. Later, the successful Anglo-American genocide that decimated the native populations of North America was due to smallpox infected bed bugs presented in Army blankets given as “gifts” to displaced Indians. 

As we sow, we reap.This biological irony is best exemplified by the Rockefeller-linked American Type Culture Collection and CDC shipments of biological weapons, including anthrax and the West Nile Virus, to Iraq during the George H.W. Bush years. Thus, if Saddam Hussein currently has smallpox, as officials contend, it almost certainly came from the Bush family’s own benefactors and special interest groups that are poised to make a bloody fortune from the smallpox fright and impending “outbreak.”

The Common Sense Solution

The most lethal biological weapon, Ebola, kills nine-out-of-ten people within three weeks of infection. Ten percent survive because of the strength of their immune systems, or what microbiologists call “host resistance.” Science proves immuno-competence is more powerful than anything else, including the number of germs, such as smallpox, that invade your body, and/or the virulence or strength of each strain.

A Healthy Body – The Best Defense

The healthier you are, the less likely you are to be affected by any "invader". Good physical and emotional health are critical to weathering a viral "attack". Eat the foods of your biological adaptation, make sure to get enough of all the nutrients that the body requires to have a robust immune system (which may often require a worthwhile nutritional supplement, including iodine), be physically active, don't consume poisons and toxins like foods grown with pesticides, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, junk food, etc., get enough sleep and sunshine, and "be of good cheer" (yes, it is possible to be happy without consuming the above), emotional poise goes a long way towards being healthy. A positive attitude means you don't have a negative attitude, which handicaps your immune system. Being healthy and fit is the best defense. Just say no to drugs... this includes the smallpox vaccine.


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