No More Cravings is a behavioral retraining technique based on aversion therapy. You retrain your brain to associate the things you don't want to eat with something the brain doesn't like.

This technique is extremely effective for dietary adjustments, smoking cessation, and even gambling addiction. And it's great for those wanting to transition to a vegan or raw vegan diet without the stress of emotional cravings!

No More Cravings consists of an electronic device and a custom-made video that allows you to eliminate psychological cravings and temptations for unhealthy things that you've decided you don't want anymore. And you don't need to do expensive outpatient therapy sessions; this can be done in the privacy of your own home. A one-time fee gets you both the device and video.

Aversion therapy is a form of psychological training in which a person is exposed to a stimulus – like a photo of pizza – while simultaneously being subjected to some form of discomfort, in this case, a mild electric pulse. This conditioning causes the brain to associate the stimulus with the unpleasant sensation eliminating cravings, battling the cravings, and the unwanted behavior of "giving in" to the cravings.

The custom-made video consists of photos of things you like that you want to continue liking, and the thing you like that you want out of your life forever. When a photo of the "bad" thing appears on screen, a handheld wand provides a short mild electric shock; not enough to be painful, but unpleasant enough to send a clear message to your brain. After a number of sessions, you'll find you no longer have a desire for the thing that previously plagued you with cravings.

It's shocking how well it works!

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