The difference between a store-bought $49 model
and a high quality rebounder
(You get what you pay for when it comes to rebounders)

ReboundAIR rebounder
Store-bought rebounder
Springs designed specifically for a rebounder Springs are from a spring company's stock
Springs will last a long time (tempered steel) Springs will break with normal use ("cheap" steel)
Mat is made of Permatron, and will last a long time Mat is made to imitate Permatron, and will tear with use
Folds in half for ease of transport Doesn't fold in half
Springs connect to frame via specialized pins Springs connect directly to frame creating stress points
Legs quickly fold flat, and can't be misplaced Legs must be screwed and unscrewed
Comes with rebounding tips Comes with little to no information
Best warranty in the industry (see rebounder page) 90 day limited warranty
Feels more comfortable compared to... ...the stiff bounce of this model
Comes with personal customer support from one of the world's leading authorities on rebounding Little to no customer support
$319 is not pocket change, but it is an investment in your future health... one of the best investments you can make. If it breaks out-of-warranty, or you stop using it because it's uncomfortable, you've wasted $49

There are also differences between the other leading brand of
high-end rebounder and the ReboundAIR.
Click here to see them.

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