Design differences between a
ReboundAIR rebounder and
other high-end rebounders

Half-Fold ReboundAIR Rebounder
Half-Fold Needak brand & common design copies,
such as Cellersizer

Heavy-duty webbing and stitching attaches cleat to mat. Use of a non-metal cleat prevents metal-to-metal wear and reduces noise.

Method of preventing metal-to-metal contact between spring and metal cleat with the use of vinyl coating on spring hook ineffective over time.

Double-Sided Mat Circumference Bands Industrial Permatron bond stitch rows. 9 rows of circumference stitching. New "X within the Box" pattern over top of stitch rows, prevents the possibility of mat circumference "sliding out" over time which creates a chronic sag in competitor's mat designs. 8 rows outdated stitch and pattern methods.


Continuous with frame, internally bolted, small hinge radius, new round design, safe, indestructible. Cannot tear spring cover when folding rebounder. Cannot grab carpet when unfolding rebounder. Design exclusive to ReboundAIR.

Externally welded. Bulky, jaw-like design may injure fingers, commonly pinches carpet and/or tears spring cover. This was ReboundAIR's original design from 1985.

Spring cover Leather-like, superior thickness, superior appearance, black. Designed to allow folding without tearing. Plastic-like, thin nylon, black, tears are common (due to hinge design).

Springs 36 high caliber wide-belly springs,
20 coils per spring, no sharp bends at ends.
36 springs, 20 coils per spring, sharp bend at ends creating weak points.

Frame paint Baked on enamel coat Spray painted

Warranty Lifetime all-component warranty covers ALL components, plus Wear and Tear Replacement (if ever needed) for the life of your ReboundAIR. Needak warranty: 2 years on the springs, leg tips, and spring cover. 5 years on the mat, cleats and spring pins. Lifetime only on the frame.

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