What you need to view an E-book

Most ebooks come in "PDF" format; as a PDF file. To view PDF files you need a program called Adobe Reader DC, which is free from Adobe. And if you don't already have it, you can get it by clicking the button below (you don't need the "pro" version).

You may want to uncheck any optional software offered
like McAffe Security Scan Plus

To see if you already have Adobe Reader, after downloading the ebook, find the ebook file (which will start with ebook and end with .pdf with some numbers in between) and double-click it to see if Adobe Reader opens automatically (which it would if you had it). If you get a box that says Windows cannot open the file... or a box that asks you which program you would like to open the file, then you don't have Adobe Reader, and you will need to download it by clicking the button above.

Tips on using Adobe Reader:

Note: Different versions of Adobe Reader can have different menu items.

* The mouse pointer is a hand, which you can use to "grab" a page and move it up and down as you read. You grab a page by clicking and holding down the left mouse button.
You may have to click the icon on Adobe Reader's toolbar first, or alternatively, right click and choose "hand tool" if there is no toolbar.

* Clicking the Bookmarks tab on the left will open and close the bookmarks column which you can use to quickly navigate the book (sometimes there's a slight delay after you click a bookmark). When the bookmarks column is closed, the page will fill more of the screen.

* All underlined text in the book is clickable, and should open your web browser
and take you to the intended webpage if you are online (some computers
will automatically "dial up" a connection if you are not currently online,
some won't). If this feature doesn't work, email

* The views of the pages (their on-screen size) have been pre-set as part of the bookmarks, but if you want to make the page bigger so it's easier to read, close the bookmark column.

* Remember to "maximize" the screen (by clicking the Maximize button in the top-right corner of your screen) to get the maximum viewing area for your book.