There is no one I trust more to guide us all on a productive journey through the myriad of myths and misconceptions our society has created about health than Don Bennett. Don is passionate about this subject! Why? Because he is passionate about you having the whole truth and the best odds of creating lasting health and vitality.

Don's commitment to exposing the realities of health is tireless, because his dedication to your health is tireless. He devotes his life fully to this important work, and I have always admired his courage to "Seek the truth, though the heavens may fall." Don is not afraid to stand up for your health, even when it is unpopular to reveal an "inconvenient truth."

In this book Don sets the record straight on the most common and important myths and misconceptions you will bump into on your health-creation journey. What a relief! Here at last is an educator willing to "tell it like it is," with the sole purpose to protect you from miseducation that could adversely affect your health and well-being. Please read this book, the whole book, with deep gratitude. And be empowered.

Ellen Livingston, MA, RYT


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