When the author of a book asks someone to write a foreword, the person will no doubt come up with some nice things to say. But, to my mind, it would be more useful to the readers of this marvelous book to hear things that people were moved to say about the author and his work without being asked; things that truly came from the heart. So here are a few unsolicited comments from some of Don's colleagues, clients, and other folks who appear to be very good judges of character. – Judith Clark

"Don is one of the most intelligent health educators I have ever met. He is very honest and extremely humble. It is rare to see a person in this day and age go above and beyond the way Don does in order to promote healthy living." – George Galiounghi

"You honestly are my go-to guy for good, logical health info." – Megan Elizabeth

"I really appreciate the information you give people, and I believe you have one of the most balanced voices in the raw food movement." – Alison Andrews

"Your views on health and fitness are so rational and well-communicated. You are really a breath of fresh air when it comes to raw foodism and Natural Hygiene." – Swayze Foster

"Amongst all my fruitarian friends, it is you who comes up time and again as the 'voice of wisdom' amid all the conflicting info that goes on out there!" – Angie Bedson

"Thanks again for the help. You seem to be one of the few down to earth guys, not ruled by dogma, and out of the drama. It's sad that there is so much of that when looking for answers." – Jared Tavasolian

"Thank you Don. I appreciate how thorough your responses always are, and I value your opinion greatly, more so than virtually anyone else in this movement." – Emily Nowell


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