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How to Have the BEST Odds of
Avoiding Degenerative Disease

By Don Bennett, DAS


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"Upon receiving your book, I read it constantly from cover to cover, going back and forth to review. It's great the way you organize the chapters to explain each basic of health, back up the theories with quotes and studies, and explain to the reader why and how each practice helps or hinders their health. There is A LOT of great information here, and as you say, it isn't sugar-coated." – Bernadette Sabourin, Winnipeg, Canada

"I read your book and watched the first few DVD's you sent me and I'm very impressed by the clarity and comprehensivness of the information. Your book is my new favorite book." – P. Bollmann, Gallen, Switzerland

"Avoiding Degenerative Disease is a passionate, thought-provoking testimonial to the wisdom of adopting a healthy lifestyle. This book offers a multitude of pathways to achieving optimal health and longevity. It is a must-read for those truly concerned with living a long and healthy life." – A. William Menzin, M.D., Harvard Medical School

"Clarissa is 14 and Samara will be 13 in November...I plan to get both to read your book and write a summary for each chapter." – Jamie Clark, Baltimore, MD

"I am thoroughly enjoying your book – your writing style, your thinking style – great!" – Mary Papavasiliou, Long Beach, CA

"I started reading your book last night. Did you realize when you began writing it that it will probably become a bible for the newbie? I also want you to know of the hundreds of health related books I own and will keep in storage when I travel to China, yours is one of the few I will take with me. Excellent work and editing. You are to be congratulated." – Chuck Jones, Lansdale, PA

"I can't begin to describe how the information I have learned from your book has changed my life. I was constantly feeling bland, non energetic, searching for ways and diets to get my energy back. I have never been fond of dairy and animal products because I would suffer the aftermaths, and it wasn't worth it. However, I was in the dark about cooked foods. Since 3 months ago, I started eating only raw foods and wow, I found the answer. Many thanks to you!" – Karen Schettle, Clarksville, MD

"Don's clear, concise, logical and information-packed writing style makes the amazing health and vitality boosting plan he recommends easy and quick to implement. The benefits my family and friends have gained from working with Don's book (and website) have been simply amazing! All the years of study and practice Don has put into his work have certainly paid off for us. We feel better than ever, and happier too." – Marty Oaklander, Los Angeles, CA

"I'm really enjoying your book. Very well written and researched. I like the quotes at the end of the chapters. Congratulations on a job well done!" – Elizabeth Kaufman, Marietta, GA

"Thank you for your down-to-earth sharing approach!" – Armena Marderosian, Ann Arbor, MI

"Your book is great! I really enjoyed reading it. You have sent a lot of practical health messages to health seekers through this book. My brother-in-law, who lives in England, said your book makes a lot of sense, and is even better than [very popular health book] by Dr. [very popular author]. What a nice comment!" – Mamiko Matsuda, Houston, TX

"I love love love your book! It is my bible, and I refer to it a lot. It is one of the best books I have read on the subject of staying healthy; it sure woke me up to many things I had never thought about before, and it does make a lot of sense. Thanks for writing it and sharing your knowledge; I am eternally grateful. It helps me get my direction straight knowing what I'm reading is the truth. Hard to trust anyone these days, there is usually a motive behind things people do, but with you your only motivation is spreading the truth to the best of your ability... heartfelt thanks!" – Linda Kennedy, Peoria AZ

"This is a very convincing work – makes sense – and technical enough for me to believe it...and I think it should be a pre-requisite for medical school. This will be my number one prescription: READ DON'S BOOK!" – Yana Mikhaylov, Ann Arbor, MI, medical student

Book Reviews:

     This "Operation and Maintenance Manual for Human Beings" comes straight from the heart and clear mind of a true health educator who really knows his subject and is, himself, the model of perfect health. Based upon the Natural Hygiene health science system, this great book imparts the knowledge for avoiding unnecessary disease and suffering while instructing on how to feel better than one can imagine. We know he's right; your editor has done this Mr. Bennett's way and I live it too! This educational book teaches all of the basics of what constitutes true health, how to implement the essentials, how to overcome disease and how to avoid disease for a life of boundless vitality. It's filled with uniquely insightful facts, charts and citations, making it an engrossing read. Turn your fears into confidence and power by seizing control of your health destiny today! The basics are so easy, you'll love your decision to read this book. – Living Nutrition Magazine's May 12th e-Digest

     I recently had the opportunity to review a new book by Disease Avoidance Specialist, Don Bennett. The book, How to Have the BEST Odds of Avoiding Degenerative Disease, delves into the various causes of the ailments our society wrestles with on a daily basis, from the more mundane such as allergies, to the most serious such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Where mainstream sources of information tell us it isn't known what causes a particular disease, the author goes on to show, in easy to understand language, that the causes are indeed known, they are simply not common knowledge. And as he points out, once you know that breast cancer, for example, is entirely preventable, there's no reason to get it. The writing style of the book is very conversational, and gets just technical enough so you have a basic understanding of the topic without overwhelming you with excessive science. The book is billed as the "Operation and Maintenance Manual for Human Beings", but unlike an owners manual for a piece of consumer equipment, where you can skip around and look up the specific information you need, this "manual"is one you should read from cover to cover, for there are items in each chapter that help you better understand later chapters. You'll probably want to read this book more than once, not because it's confusing or hard to fathom, but because it's packed with so much enlightening and eyebrow-raising information. And because there's a lot to cover, the author makes his point and then moves on, and you are carried with him on this journey through what appear to be some of the best kept secrets about attaining vibrant health and living as much of a disease-free life as possible. I found it to be a very engaging and informative book. – Michelle Ackerman for Living Nutrition Magazine

One of the Ten Best Health Books Ever Written
by Kal Sellers –

     Once in a while, once in a great while, I read a book that makes such a profound impact on the discussion of health that I simply have to tell all my friends and colleagues to buy and read the book. This has happened to me recently, and I decided, unprompted (and without the author's knowledge) to report on the book here on
     The book is: How to Have the BEST Odds of Avoiding Degenerative Disease by Don Bennett, DAS. Okay, book titles like that should be outlawed, but in this extraordinarily rare case, this is exactly what this book provides and it is a precious packet of information in and of itself.
     When Don began telling about all his years of research, I felt an attack coming on, feeling like I was going to hear about a list of credentials that would ultimately be used to compensate for real value in the book, but, imagine my surprise when I continued reading and began to see the most compelling, clear and free of nonsense discussion about eating raw food and living healthfully that I have ever read in one place.
     Don begins by discussing the controversies in the health field and the corruptions in the whole medicine, diet and nutrition world. This was not my favorite part, because what I really want is the information that changes the soul. However, if you happen to be a little distressed by the lies being thrown at you in the health and also the medical fields, then you might be aided greatly by this discussion and seeing the holes in common theories and nonsense. From there, Don launches into "Health 101," which is a discussion about the attitude you must have about your health in order to even get started on the health path which will lead to real results.
     The next section is "The Basics of Health." Here Don elaborates on the elements of health and the causes of disease. He expands way beyond eating and branches into a discussion of physical activity, water, sunshine, sleep, stress management and toxin avoidance. He explores the factors in disease, which are misunderstandings in each of these areas.
     Don's discussion on diet is clearly a raw food diet program, which all honest practitioners admit is the ideal, whether they understand how to properly do it or not. In Don's discussion, he explores the frugivorian nature of humans. There have been other good raw food books and yet this book, designed to create health as well as prevent disease, is about as clear and straight forward as it is possible to write.
     While Don's discussion of food is compelling and his perspectives immediately valuable, the most revolutionary contributions of the book have to do with exercise and sunlight. Don shows how the traditional patterns of exercise are not only unnatural, they can be harmful. When exercise is properly utilized and done at appropriate intervals and intensity, it can be revolutionary.
     Exercise studies done on this style of exercising suggest that the human body is sent into a healing state when this style of exercise is used. Things that generally respond poorly to exercise, if at all, are dramatically improved in a few weeks. Decay stops and blood clears up, organs heal and the body reverts back to a healthier state.
     I do not want to ruin the value of the book for you by exposing anything key before you get to it, for the context is, in this rare case, equally valuable for presenting and convincing and motivating to make good decisions as he reveals them.
     All told, Don addresses everything from supplementing and diet, to exercise, water, sunlight and ongoing education that helps keep you motivated and educated to be well perpetually.
     Thank you, Don, for your wonderful book.

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