Table of Contents

Dedication, Thanks, and a Warning

Why I Wrote this Book
An Important Note about Reality
A Disclaimer Worth Reading


  1. How Healthy Do You Want to Be?
  2. Disease: Prevention vs. Avoidance
  3. Healthful Practices: Opinion or Fact
  4. Dealing with Conflicting Info and Controversies
  5. Health 101
  6. The "Basics of Health"
  7. Knowledge is Power?
  8. Basics of Health - Diet (68 pages!)
  9. Basics of Health - Physical Activity
10. Basics of Health - Water
11. Basics of Health - Sunshine
12. Basics of Health - Toxin Avoidance
13. Basics of Health - Sleep
14. Basics of Health - Stress Management
15. Basics of Health - Education
16. Most Often Asked Questions
17. Food for Thought
18. In Conclusion


Appendix A - About the Author
Appendix B - Continuing Education
Appendix C - Resources
Appendix D - Author's Favorite Quotes
Appendix E - Experts' Erroneous Notions
Appendix F - Health Assurance Policy
Appendix G - Thought-Provoking Articles

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry
The Hazards of Microwaving Food
Bounce your Way to Better Health
Clean Out the Misinformation
Belief and Reality - Truth or Consequences
How Do You Feel?
Who's the Best Healer?
Knowing vs. Believing
High Cholesterol - Putting Things in Perspective
"Personal Taste" Explained
Osteoporosis: Information Deficiency Disease
Diabetes Caused by Misinformation
Adult Diseases Begin in Childhood
At Least I Have My Health
We're all Different... Really?
The Syndrome of Syndromes
It's Not Nice to Fool with Mother Nature

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