Hosting a class

Those interested in attending one of Don Bennett's classes can host it at their home or other appropriate venue (community center, church facility, etc). The host gets to attend the class for free if there is a minimum number of students in the class (number depends on traveling distance).

If the class includes a food preparation demonstration, there must be appropriate kitchen facilities. Comfortable seating for all students must be available, and the classroom space needs to be large enough to accommodate the seating and space for a demonstration table and our A/V equipment (screen, projector).

The host is provided with a camera-ready customized 8.5 x 11 event flyer that can be copied and distributed, and a webpage that describes the class in detail; both contain the host's contact information (the webpage is hosted by

The host is responsible for generating interest in the class, getting the minimum number of students required, and directing them to sign up via the website (if a student is not Internet-savvy, the host would help them sign up).

For more information about hosting a class in your area, contact us here.

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