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Don Bennett's
Lecture Series

How to Have the BEST Odds of

Creating Health & Avoiding Disease

Discover why people become ill, so you won't

Learn what doctors and health experts don't know

Understand why dieting doesn't work and is unhealthy

Get the facts about the different raw food diets

See why physical health affects emotional well-being

Find out how to feel a lot better than you do now

Discover how to have the BEST odds of never getting
  a diagnosis of something serious



"Don is a very good presenter and I love his work"

"Don's talks are always very informative"

"I always love Don's professionalism and friendliness"

"Don is always very prepared and knowledgeable!"

"Charming and full of life and enthusiasm"

"Don is humble and approachable"

"He brings a wealth of knowledge with him, and is always approachable"


Don Bennett is the author of the books, How to Have the BEST Odds of Avoiding Degenerative Disease, and The Raw Food Diet and Other Healthy Habits: Your Questions Answered, and numerous articles on health related topics; his work as a Disease Avoidance Specialist has helped many people improve their physical health and emotional well-being.

There is no charge for a talk, but traveling expenses need to be covered in cases where Don is not "in town." A talk runs approximately 75 minutes, with another 15 for Q&A, and another 30 minutes afterwards for socializing, one-on-one conversations, book signing, and packing up; a minimum of two hours from the start of the talk (talks of other lengths are available on request). The attendees are provided with free handouts, and a professional PowerPoint slide presentation reinforces Don's messages (all A/V equipment provided). Flyers for the event, with your venue's name, address, and contact information, can be provided (see sample here), and a webpage that is made from the flyer can be posted on our website (see sample here).


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an excerpt from one of Don's talks - 2 minutes


"Our guest speaker was Don Bennett and we all thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Don's great energy and wonderful sense of humor added to his educational discussion. Don definitely lives the lifestyle he spoke to us about. If you ever get a chance to hear one of his lectures, do yourself a favor and attend."  – Michelle M. Lambert

Available Talks

How to Have the BEST Odds of
Creating Health & Avoiding Degenerative Disease

Do You Know All the Benefits of a Raw Food Diet?

The Benefits of Rebound Exercise

The Facts About Protein and Fitness

Vitamin D – The Missing Link to Robust Health

Secrets of Weight Loss

The Sweet Truth About Your Sweet Tooth

Health Myths, Misconceptions, and Misinformation


"Don is one of the world's top natural health educators and someone who walks his talk, and is a superb example of health. His lectures clearly explode common misconceptions about food and health, and he sets his audience on the straight path to health creation. I would not miss any of Don's events – he is a most inspiring role model."  – Dr. David Klein


Truthful information + Understanding = Empowering Knowledge


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At a young age, Don discovered inconsistencies within the health field, such as doctors who smoked, and nutritionists who ate foods that were known to be harmful. Being a seeker of truth, he set out to learn the realities of health for himself. Discovering that traditional curriculums were filled with biases, hidden agendas, misinformation and missing information, Don became self-taught, avoiding the hurdles set up by academic tradition. He took a commonsense approach to health, and learned the value of looking past the "conventional wisdoms". This approach, in conjunction with studying the teachings of the pioneers of healthful living and their modern day equivalents, and putting into practice what he had learned, allowed him to discover the realities of human health. Thirty years later, as a Disease Avoidance Specialist, Don now shares this wealth of enlightening and empowering knowledge with others for their consideration and benefit.


Video Interviews

Megan Elizabeth of Easy To Be Raw

Woodstock Fruit Festival


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