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Selected Links

Links that appear here are of particular value
concerning health and wellness.

(Remember, anything underlined can be clicked on.)



Daily Green Boost (A supplement that I use and speak highly of)

Dietary Dogma (A great source of myth-busting dietary information)

Not-Milk.com (One of the best websites to demonstrate the hazards of dairy products)

The Milk Web-log (Packed with truths about the hazards and health-damaging effects of dairy products)

Jump for Joy - Rebounding (Mini-trampoline)

Bodylastics home gym (These resistance bands are the ones to get!)

Tan-Through Swimwear (Gives your body more access to sunshine when you sunbathe)

B12 (A supplement that I recommend everyone take after getting their B12 status tested)

Vitamin D (If you live where the winters are cold, you probably need to take this if you're living a healthy lifestyle)

Genetically Engineered Food is Poison

The hazards of artificial sweeteners

The Sacro-Wedgy (Therapeutic device for the back)

Sunrise Clock (An alarm clock that wakes you up in a healthy way)

Vaccination Information

Some Facts about Global Warming's effect on Climate Change

Natural Vision Improvement (Learn how to have normal vision, without glasses or surgery)

DMPS - Chelating Agent Info Site (If you're having mercury removed from your mouth, read this)

The BEST shampoo (You won't need to use conditioner with this shampoo)

The BEST toothpaste (Actually toothpastes aren't good for teeth, this product is better)

Glass drinking straw (Great for sipping coconut water. Get the "Decorative Dots" style, 9.5mm)

Bee/hornet sting pain & swelling prevention device (For $15 everyone should have one of these!)

Bamboo Utensils (fork, knife, spoon) (A great alternative to metal eating utensils at a great price.)

Invisible Shoes (Almost like walking barefoot, great for posture. Get the Umara Ztrail.)

Vitamix blender (The best blender because it has a tamper and can go very slowly to gently pulse something in)



Dietary Dogma

Most books, articles, and websites on diet and nutrition are full of nonsense, errors of fact, faulty (or no) logic, unsupported rumors, innumeracy, errors copied from other credibility-challenged sources, or the unsupported belief systems of various fad-diet microcultures. This site deals with some of these totally absurd, absolutely unsupportable, yet annoyingly enduring myths.

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"Methylcobalamin is the active form of vitamin B12.  This form of the nutrient is delivered more efficiently to nerve tissues. Once it reaches its target site, it accelerates transmethylation reactions in the manufacture of nucleic acids, neurotransmitters and phospholipids."

B12 is one of the few supplements I take (actually, not any more because my body is now able to make enough of its own), and since there's a lot of misinformation about it, I've penned this in-depth article on B12.

For a good article on the "methyl" form of B12, click here.

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Vitamin D

One of the vitamins that people are found to be deficient in is vitamin D. Nicknamed the "sunshine vitamin" because exposure to sunshine is where we'd normally get D, but people who experience cold winters cannot get enough sun exposure to make adequate amounts. When this was discovered, the food industry was ordered to fortify popular foods with D to prevent rickets. But as you transition from a diet rich in processed foods to a diet rich in natural foods (the foods of your biological design), you won't be helped by the D added to processed foods (which turns out not to be enough). So if you don't live in a year 'round warm climate you will certainly become deficient in D and the other, equally important, sunshine-provided nutrients. And sufficient vitamin D is vital for maintaining healthy bones and keeping the immune system strong, and it has recently been linked to cancer and diabetes prevention, so you don't want to bump up against a deficiency of this critical vitamin. That's why I recommend this product, and this brand in particular. Remember, the healthiest foods you can eat contain no vitamin D. Note: Since this product only contains D and none of the other sunshine-provided nutrients, a D supplement is my second choice. The first choice is a phototherapy device, because it provides you with ALL of the sunshine-provided nutrients.

Click here for a good article on vitamin D, which contains sources for good phototherapy devices.

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Genetically Engineered Food is Poison

We must become active in putting a stop to this endangerment to our species. Corporate America has too much technology, and not enough science; they have too much arrogance and not enough wisdom. Only you and yours can put a stop to this. How? With your dollar and your voice. Click the above to get an education that is in your best interest. And there's a link to a GREAT list of genetically engineered foods!

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The Sacro-Wedgy

"New Proven Relief for Back and Sciatica Pain. Less than half the cost of one office visit. Use in your own home 10-20 minutes daily."

I love this thing! If you have trouble relaxing, get one of these!  It is placed under your sacrum (tailbone area) when lying on the floor, and it allows your hips to "relax". It's very helpful for your posture... the best $30 you'll ever spend. If you're local to the Atlanta area, you can get them from Samuel Mielcarski (404) 271-9997. He also gives presentations where he shows you how to get the most out of the Sacro Wedgy (highly recommended).

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Sunrise Alarm Clock

"The SunRise Clock gently wakes you to a soft glow of light rather than a jarring noise in a dark room. This innovative wake up system is derived from medical research on morning light and human behavior. Scientists have demonstrated that in the early morning, even while we are still asleep, the biological clock is sensitive to low intensity light. Dim light, gradually getting brighter like the natural process of a sunrise, can result in a smoother transition to wakefulness. This natural approach is akin to waking up with the sun on a beautiful summer morning. You'll wake up in a better mood and feel more refreshed as you begin your day."

"The Clock's light slowly begins to shine a half hour before the wake up time setting, gradually illuminating the room and becoming brighter until it is time for you to get out of bed. The clock also has a back-up beeper alarm (but most people won't need it). The adjustable light in the SunRise Clock doubles as a great bedside lamp."

It's very important to get plenty of Phase 4 (deep) sleep... that's where healing takes place, and where you "recharge your batteries" (nerve energy).  It's not good to be woken out of Phase 4 sleep (you'll know if you were, because you won't know who or where you are for a few moments), and this lamp/alarm clock will help bring you to a lighter phase of sleep just before the alarm rings.  I love this thing!  I usually open my eyes about five minutes before the alarm beeps.  And it'll let you know if you didn't go to sleep early enough... you'll be woken by the beep! 

And good news! Health101 now has this alarm clock available! We carry the digital model. Yes, it costs a bit more than the tic-tic-tic type, but it's silent, and is accurate to the minute. Click here to find out more about this wonderful product. But whether you buy one from us (the cheapest price), or from someone else, do get one if you wake up to an alarm. Healing is so very dependent on good quality sleep... and on how you wake up!

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Vaccination Information

Many people believe as I do (and with good reason), that vaccinations do more harm than good, are not necessary for a healthy population, and are big business. There is much mis- and dis-information regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. This site offers good information on the subject. Remember, it's what you know, that just ain't so, that can hurt you. Be ready for some more jaw dropping info! See also the article "Vaccination Myths"

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The BEST Tooth Polishing Product

UPDATE: Seems this product is no longer belong sold. Try EcoDent Tooth Powder.
Peelu Tooth Powder (Dental Fibers) is superior to toothpastes because all toothpastes contain glycerin, a substance that coats the teeth and is supposed to help prevent cavities (turns out it doesn't), but what it does is prevent the body from repairing the tooth surface through re-enameling (via the saliva). Here is the manufacturer's website, but you can't make consumer purchases there, it's only for information. Peelu Tooth Powder can be found at some health food stores, but not all. If the store carries some Peelu products, then they may be able to order the toothpowder for you (get the flavor and size from the Peelu website and give it to the store).


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