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Put an End to Dark Mornings

The Sunrise Alarm Clock
Gentle imitation sunrise (and sunset),
the most civilized alarm clock yet devised!

(as seen in Disney's Epcot Home of the Future)


Your own personal sunrise!




The Natural Alarm Clock does what Nature does. Instead of the shock of a normal alarm, the Natural Alarm Clock mimics a natural sunrise, from the first faint glimmer of dawn, increasing in brightness over half an hour, to full intensity. Your internal body clock receives the proper signals, and the mind awakes in its own time.

What's the theory? We know that light governs the body clock; waking up to dawn provides a signal to the body clock which keeps it in regulation. During winter, when most people have to wake before dawn, or for people who start work unusually early, the correct signal is not received and the internal "circadian rhythms" are disrupted. The Natural Alarm Clock provides the missing signal.

Here's how it works: You set the alarm in the usual manner for the time you want to wake up. In the morning, a half hour before the set-time the lamp begins to glow, very faintly at first, then gradually increasing in intensity until it reaches full; an alarm beeper finally sounds (gently at first, then a little louder!). You can press a button at any time to prevent the beeper from sounding, and to adjust the light level.

And of course the Natural Alarm Clock is also a luxurious dimmable reading light.

The programmable Natural Sunrise Alarm Clock has a whole host of features set by using clear text messages and just four buttons to control everything. (It's been tested by people who believe the word "programmable" spells defeat, and they've made everything work first time). There's a power fail backup on all functions, and you'll love the real opal glass globe which gives a beautiful quality of light.

The clock also has a Sunset feature!

The benefit of this feature is it helps prepare the body for sleep, as Nature intended. When you enter the bedroom at night in preparation for sleep, turn the lamp up full, and turn all other lights off. Activate the Sunset feature 15 or 30 minutes before you want to doze off (the time is selectable). And it's great for helping kids go to sleep too. You activate the feature when you put them to bed, and the lamp slowly dims over a 15 or 30 minute period. There's also a nightlight feature which keeps the lamp on very dim (although I don't recommend using a nightlight because it interferes with restful sleep patterns, some kids need one; for these kids I'd recommend a separate nightlight plugged in the wall, not the lamp of the clock).

To read about Dawn Simulation research, click here.


We don't sell this item, and the compnay that makes it is always out-of-stock, but this is a similar one that is available.

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