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Truly Healthy Supplementation

These are the supplements I take and recommend.  
To read "The Case for Supplementation" click here.


Click the PLAY button above to view a short video excerpt
from Don's class on the issue of the need for supplementation
(Scroll down for the supplements Don recommends)

NOTE: I don't sell these supplements, nor do I make any money from their sale. I'd love to be able to, but it's more important to me that my recommendations have maximum credibility, and it's becoming common knowledge that many people who sell supplements are doing so just to make a buck, and the products they sell are often partially or completely worthless and a waste of money. But this is not the case here.

"I admire you for not participating in affiliate programs or selling your own supplements. You undoubtedly could be making a lot of money by doing so, but instead you have chosen to maintain your integrity as an unbiased health educator." – Mark Hovila