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Beware the Misinformation
By Don Bennett, DAS


No one would be surprised that there is misinformation and disinformation about the human diet; the meat and dairy industries are full of it. And no one would be shocked to hear that the alternative health movement has its share of info that wasn't in your best interest health-wise. But it might surprise some folks to learn that mis- and dis-info exists in the raw vegan community as well, and we have human nature to thank for this.


misinformation: false or misleading information that the provider doesn't know is untrue

disinformation: knowingly false or misleading information that is purposely shared by someone with ulterior motives


Not all health educators abide by the first and most important tenet of the Hippocratic Oath, "First, do no harm". So in case a health educator is miseducated, or his/her ego gets in the way of teaching accurate information, or worse, they say things that are false because they're actually running a profits-before-people business (even though they make it appear like the opposite is true), instead of simply embracing info from a health educator you resonate with, if you want to follow accurate information so you can have the best future health possible, both what the health educator teaches and your learning journey inquiries should be based on the ethos of science:

open questioning, no authorities, no biases or personal preferences,
honesty, transparency, and reliance on evidence

This approach can make the world a better place by burying myth and dogma (of which there is plenty). And by looking at things from the perspective of reality (the body, the soil, the environment) you'll get reality-based information. And by-the-way, the requisites for this inquiry are:

respect for rational and honest discussion, the ability to change your mind when the evidence merits it, a skeptical interrogation of accepted notions, and above all, an intolerance of distortion and misrepresentation

And on that last note, I'll share with you a bit of my experience with some health educators who – for the above mentioned reasons – appear to not have your best interests at heart. And this is sad because they do have some spot-on information that is very accurate and helpful, but it's outweighed by the inaccurate information they continue to spout, and you need to be able to recognize the difference between the two if you want the best future health possible. Some are well-intentioned but too arrogant/egotistic to consider that something they're teaching is in error and they will not peer-to-peer with anyone who offers to have a dialog about the inaccurate info they're teaching because they feel they are "without peer" (ego). And no list would be complete without a charlatan.

So, here are a few examples... and if these are favorite people of yours, please don't shoot the messenger; as I said above, I'm just trying to bury myth and dogma and shine a light on any "bad actors" in the raw vegan community so that people can follow information that is truly in their best interests; information that will allow you to have fantastic future health instead of failing to thrive at some point.



http://health101.org/rebuttal <-- This one has to do with Doug Graham


http://health101.org/interactions_william <-- The so-called "Medical Medium"

Recommended Reading...






Q: How can you say any negative things about ___________!  Shame on you!!! You're so arrogant!

A: When a counselor works with someone who had been working with ___________ but who didn't resolve an ill health issue, and it is determined why, and it was due to inaccurate info from ___________, this is an objective fact. And when a knowledgeable raw vegan educator listens to many ___________ videos where he offers advice, and some inaccurate advice is heard, this can be an objective fact. So there's no arrogance at work here.

And while it's true that many raw vegan groups like to stay positive and not touch upon anything negative, for other groups (like this one) this seems like an unbalanced approach to education, and these groups feel that both the positive and negative aspects of all vegan and raw vegan educators should be out there for all to see. But not many do this as thoroughly as I do, or are as willing as I am to shine a light on the inaccurate info being taught in the raw vegan community.

And since I've counseled people who failed to thrive or failed to completely resolve an ill health issue by following a particular program or educator, and they were then able to get well by following fully accurate info, I am well qualified to speak to this issue, and again, arrogance has nothing to so with it, as those who've worked closely with me can attest to (both patients and colleagues).

And lastly, it's important to point out that folks like ___________ and ___________ and others have far more accurate info than inaccurate info. And way more accurate info than those promoting an animal-based diet. And there have been tons of people who've experienced health improvements from following their advice (and we obviously hear of these testimonials). But it must also be taken into consideration that, due to the small amount of inaccurate info, there are those who, after the initial improvements, find they either didn't fully resolve their ill health issue, or did but found their health taking a reversal after a period of time (usually many months or years). And when this is due to misinformation, I feel it should be discussed openly in an open-minded, dispassionate, rational, unbiased way.

So people who give a broad-based recommendation to follow ___________ without pointing out his few negatives can contribute to some people failing to thrive. This is why it is good for those who would recommend ___________ to have a complete understanding of what he teaches that is inaccurate, no?


And a complimentary copy of my book on misinformation is available to all those who have read the info on this page. Send me a PM through the Contact page of this website requesting your copy of this book. Be sure to make mention that you are responding to this offer.