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Diet Isn't Everything

A healthy diet is great, but it’s only one part of the “formula for health”. If you want real robust health, a vibrant spirit, and the absolute BEST chance of avoiding serious illness and of effectively resolving it if you already have it, this class is for you! If you have a solid foundation in healthy eating, what you'll discover in this class will help you get the most out of life; without paying attention to the other equally important requirements of vibrant health, it is physiologically impossible to be as healthy as you are capable of being.

Just as a chain can only be as strong as its weakest link, you can only be as healthy as the weakest link in your "chain of health". But to know how your "chain" is doing, you need to know some specifics regarding those lifestyle practices that have just as much influence on your health as your diet does.

Many health classes focus on diet, and indeed we have a class devoted to it, but this is simply because, of all the aspects of healthy living, diet is the one fraught with the most conflicting information, misinformation, and disinformation, and therefore the most confusion, and that's why one of our half-day classes is all about the facts behind healthy eating. But seekers of health need to go beyond diet. And although no one argues about the need for enough sleep and enough exercise, the "how to's" and "importance of's" are missing in many of today's health curriculums.

This class is changing that. The information you will receive is based on the science of health and nutrition which is firmly rooted in the hard sciences of biology and physiology. One of its core principles is: if you start giving your body what it needs to support robust health and healing, and you stop giving it the things that cause ill-health and burden the body's ability to deal with any current health problems (known and unknown), your body will vector towards optimal health, and will maintain a vibrant state of wellness throughout your entire life. When you combine healthy eating practices with the other equally important lifestyle habits taught in this class, you'll be well on your way down a path that will give you the best odds of never getting a diagnosis of serious illness – which is one of the differences between surviving and thriving. And if you are already dealing with one of the many common diseases of lifestyle, the knowledge of healthy living is the way to have, not just a positive outcome, but the best positive outcome; one that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This class is presented by Don Bennett, one of the most trusted educators in the field of natural health care. For 18 years Don has been eating an all uncooked fruit and vegetable diet and has discovered how a healthy raw food diet can work for those who want it to work. In addition to Don's raw food diet experience, his three decades of health creation and disease avoidance research is available to you in this class. And you'll also be treated to a food preparation demonstration of some Simple 'n Healthy Raw Cuisine.

Attain your health, longevity, and happiness potentials by investing for your future health with a course of study based on the human body's capacity to be self-healing and self-maintaining. Discover how to improve your health and increase your chances of avoiding serious illness, and how to feel better than you ever thought possible.

I really enjoyed The Other Equally Important Requirements of Robust Health. Don shares valuable information that everyone needs to know in order to balance all requisites of health... a gem for any true health seeker. – George Galiounghi
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Included with class is this twelve page handout
filled with some fantastic articles.


Your Diet: The Most Important Thing?
The Biggest Cause of Disease
How Do You Know What to Believe?
The Science of Health & the Laws of Nature
Health-Care is Self-Care
Do Whatever Works for You
Tips for Effective & Efficient Exercise
Health Advantages of Rebounding
Recommended Reading
Internet Resource List

Students will see how to make, and get to eat banana "ice cream". There will be healthy toppings too. Imagine, a dessert you eat as a meal.

Students will get to try some rebounding on a high quality rebounder (mini-trampoline); one of the BEST things you can do to improve immune system function and decrease your risk of cancer.



Don's book, How to Have the BEST Odds
of Avoiding Degenerative Disease
will be available. (Read a review here)




Click the PLAY button above to view
"Diabetes explained" - 2 minutes



Click the PLAY button above to view
"Easier digestion equals less disease" - 3 minutes


The tuition for this 4-hour class includes food to eat,
, and health-enhancing information.
Tuition: $75

Those who register by (TBA) will receive a DVD
of the class, a $48 value (better than taking notes).

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unique, enlightening, and empowering seminar.

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