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Genetically Engineered Food Is Poison
by Susan Piper

In five month's time, I have healed myself of cancer with pure organic non-genetically engineered 100% raw foods. In doing so, I have found how scarce pure healthy food is in our market. It is out there, but it is not abundant in the marketplace. And what is available is in danger of being contaminated by genetic engineering. Many of our foods already have been: corn, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots - even organic ones; I regret to say, these foods are no longer safe to eat. Our digestive systems cannot tolerate them. Over a period of years, our bodies deteriorate from the consumption of these foods.

If our food is in trouble, then believe me, so are we. Huge American corporations like Monsanto have bought up 80-90% of all the seed companies in the world, and are altering them genetically, to make them "pest-free", more colorful, fatter, etc. only to render them dangerous to life on earth. Right now, there are hundreds of products on our grocery store shelves that contain genetically engineered food products - from cereal to soup. And the list is growing every day, and includes almost all soy products. There is an issue in our government right now as to whether or not to label foods that contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

This is not my "issue of the day", this is the issue of life on this earth.

Our government is backing the biotech industry and turning its back on the American public. Most European countries are banning genetically engineered food, but the American government is encouraging it. We must become active in putting a stop to this endangerment not only to our species, but to all species on earth.

Conventional medical doctors are not helping us to heal from dread disease. They are charging us exorbitant amounts of money just to either poison us with radiation/chemotherapy or cut us open to remove body parts. For some of us, this is not an option that we are willing to live or die with. I am living proof that right now, if we so choose, we can actually heal ourselves with food - as long as our food is safe. And today we will have to become active to insure the safety of our food.

Do you realize that it all comes down to the fact that if we can't rely on our food to be safe, then we are a dead race. It's as simple and as gigantic as that.

There are many things that we can do to become active:

1) Start eating healthier foods, and stop eating junkfood. Junkfood is filled with GMOs.

2) Turn this letter into an email and send it to your friends. (To make this easy to do, this letter has been stored electronically at www.health101.org/gmo.htm where you can "copy and paste" the text into an email.)

3) Your friends, like you, can let the FDA and our corporate leaders know that we deserve to know what's in our food, at www.GEFoodAlert.org

4) Email your representative and let him or her know your concerns. If you've never done it, it's very easy even if you don't know who your representative is. Go to www.house.gov/writerep and you just enter your zip code and they will let you know who your rep is. Then you just write the message, click send, and it's done. The representative in my area, Cynthia McKinney, voted to support the labeling of GMO foods, and I wrote her thanking her for her support of the public health.

5) Ask to see the manager of your grocery store and tell him or her that you would like to see more 100% organic foods in the store, especially fresh produce, and ask them not to carry Genetically Modified Food. You'd be surprised at how responsive they can be. And believe me, if enough of us start doing this, it will become news, and then everybody will start doing it. Then we won't have to do it anymore because we will have good food available in our stores.

6) Support your local healthfood grocers who carries lots of organic food. In Atlanta: Return to Eden, Life Grocery, Sevananda, Whole Foods, and Natural Market.

7) Support raw food cafes in your area. They specialize in creating the healthiest food possible. Check with www.LiveFoodVan.com for locations.

8) Do not buy canola oil or any products containing canola oil, as it is a genetically modified food. Ask your grocer to stop carrying foods that contains canola oil. READ LABELS. YOU'D BE SHOCKED TO FIND HOW MANY PRODUCTS CONTAIN CANOLA OIL.

9) If you own a business, make available to your clients/customers a brochure educating people about this issue.

10) Have a bumper sticker made for your car that says "NO GMO FOODS: www.GEFoodAlert.org". Get people's attention.

11) Have a sign made for your yard that says "THIS IS A GMO-FREE ZONE". Make them curious.

12) Talk with people - educate them about GMOs - most people do not know what it is.

13) Put "NO GMO FOODS" at the bottom of every email that you send.

14) And on and on. Use your imagination. This is a "word of mouth" campaign, so we need your help to move the message along. Please forward this message to friends, family, and colleagues that might be concerned about genetically engineered foods.

Click here for a very informative article on GMOs

(You can reach Susan at susanpiper@mediaone.net)