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Hi! My name is Don Bennett; I'm the director of Health 101, and a Disease Avoidance Specialist. Over the years I have come to realize that nothing is more important than my health; if I don't have my health, I can't enjoy anything to the fullest. So I decided I wanted to live to my health and longevity potentials – which we all have.

I discovered that our health was being compromised by a lot of the technology and products we humans have developed. The vast majority of pain and suffering are from diseases of lifestyle; diseases we are led to believe are unavoidable, and whose causes are unknown. The truth is, they are avoidable, and their causes are indeed known... they are just not common knowledge.

My research into various areas of health has uncovered some eye-opening and jaw-dropping facts, and so the articles featured here are filled with some enlightening and empowering information... information that can help you live to your health, happiness, and longevity potentials, and avoid degenerative disease, needless suffering, and a premature passing from this world.

My work is very heartening because I know you will benefit from the information found here, as so many have. Additionally, I offer free lectures that can help you regain and maintain vibrant health. These talks focus on dispelling many of the myths that cause people to unknowingly sabotage their body's efforts to be healthy. These free lectures are available to all health food stores and to any group or organization that wants reality-based enlightening and empowering health creation information.

To be able to share with you ways you can improve your health gives me great joy. And when improvements in your health make you feel better and happier, you'll be joyous too.

I wish you a long happy healthy life.


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This website contains some hard hitting, honest, straightforward information. You will not find any sugarcoated, sanitized, tell-'em-what-they-want-to-hear journalism. This site is for those who want to raise their level of awareness, and want to know what's really going on, and how it affects your most valuable possession; your health.

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Health 101's mission is to share enlightening information with people, to empower people, and to help put them in touch with reality as it concerns their health. It is our considered opinion that the public is exposed to a lot of misinformation and confusing and conflicting "facts" when it comes to diet and other lifestyle practices, and because of this, people's health can be less than ideal, and indeed compromised to the point of serious illness. To counter this unfortunate trend, Health 101 endeavors to provide truthful information which can become empowering knowledge, and this knowledge will help people to recognize the fraudulent research, junk science, and the mis- and dis-information that has many people being taken advantage of, for the sake of profit, at the expense of their health. Our mission is to help people get closer to their health, happiness, and longevity potentials, and to have the BEST odds of never getting a diagnosis of serious illness.


Living full-time and traveling in my tiny motorhome when lecturing has always been okay with me because of all the people who are helped by the info they come away with from my talks. But the more I've come to realize that I am a part of the problem of global climate change, the more I realize I need to be part of the solution.

Now that I am very aware of the role we play in the future health of our planet from a global warming perspective, driving a vehicle that gets 12 MPG is emotionally painful for me, but to simply stop traveling would mean I don't get to speak to groups of people about how they can regain lost health and avoid preventable disease.

No one likes feeling conflicted, myself included, but fortunately there is some good technology to compensate for the tech that has contributed to global warming. Today we no longer need to burn fossil fuels to propel ourselves around in our cars. The gasoline/diesel engine has been relegated to the dustbin of outdated devices by electricity and the electric motor; the same two things that have helped to create what we think of as the modern world (there's even an electric motor in your cellphone).

Thanks in large part to one person who also understands that we need to move to sustainable forms of transportation (and move today, and not when it becomes painfully obvious that we need to) I can now tow a travel trailer with a zero emissions electric vehicle (EV). And just as gasoline cars can fuel up at filling stations, these electric cars can fill up at stations along major highways thanks to the worldwide charging station infrastructure that this same person made sure to provide along with the cars.

And – unlike a gasoline vehicle – you can also fill up at home, and do so when the electricity rates are lowest. And getting close to the equivalent of 100 MPG, and being able to fill up with electricity that will be generated more and more by renewable sources (meaning your car gets environmentally cleaner as time goes by), we are now able to do our part in protecting our external environment as well as our internal environment (with the info contained on this website).

But to advance my outreach work into the 21st Century, I need some help. Living an altruistic life as I have has allowed me to help many people recover their health, and while I've been able to keep a (small) roof over my head and food on the table, treating my practice as a people-before-profits passion, and not as a profits-first business, I find that I cannot afford the one electric vehicle capable of towing a trailer. But I am not daunted by this dose of reality. So to help me help others and the planet we all live on (because my teachings also include eye-opening facts about affordable EVs that can go over 200 miles on a single charge), any donations are gratefully appreciated, and any ideas are most welcome.


Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk unveils first
electric SUV that can tow a travel trailer  (37 seconds)

Some eye-opening facts about EVs