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Products that truly benefit your health.



A fantastic under-sink filter that
also removes fluoride

In my opinion, one of the best water filters on the market. No need to spend over $230 to get healthy water! No need to buy water! If the filter you're now using is the granulated carbon type, you're not getting the maximum protection possible. If you're drinking unfiltered tap water, well, if you truly care about your health, you won't. Tap water contains, among other things, trihalomethanes, chlorine, and fluoride (read this article if you want to know just how hazardous chlorine is) three things you don't want in your body.

We don't sell filters, but this company – Pure Water Products – does, and they're the best company I've found. Here is a link to this filter (Note: It says this is the second best filter for fluoride removal, but this system works just fine for fluoride. I am not a fan of RO systems.) And by-the-way, the links on this page are not "affiliate links".



And for the countertop...

If you can't use the preferred under-sink filter, this is the next best thing. You can outfit this 2-stage filter with various types of cartridges, but I would order it with one of each of these:

MatriKX Pb1 (removes chlorine+)
AAL Cartridge (removes fluoride)

We don't sell filters, but this company – Pure Water Products – does, and they're the best company I've found.



And for the shower...

It is very important to also remove chlorine from your shower water (the skin is a sponge when it comes to absorbing chlorine). If you don't have a whole-house filter, then all your showers should have one of these (shower-head not included). I'd get the metal version (easier to open). And pick up some extra cartridges too.


A note about plastic housings for water filters

I get asked about the issue of using plastic with drinking water. The hard plastics in these filter housings are very stable; they are not like the plastic used in bottled water. They are NSF standard 61 (materials safety) certified. I have found no data that shows that any chemicals are leeched from this type of plastic into the water. And keep in mind that even if there were some, the water that sits between the inside of the plastic housing and the filter cartridge is the water that is drawn through the filter cartridge on its way to you, so if there were chemicals that made their way into the water from the plastic, they would likely be removed when that water is drawn through the cartridge. You don't have this scenario when drinking from bottled water. Note: If you're filling up a container to carry with you, glass is preferred over plastic.




"Don, Just wanted to thank you for your great recommendation on a water filter. I was so impressed with how many impurities that a counter top filter can take care of, and so glad to be done with lugging water for a family of four from the health food store each week. My kids like the taste so much that they drink 3 or 4 glasses a day."

-- Sue M., Marietta, GA



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