A "First Things First"
Approach to Health Restoration

By Don Bennett, DAS

As with any abnormal physiological or psychological functioning, a "first things first" approach should be taken as opposed to a "do this to deal with that" approach. So I'd first assess and correct any nutritional deficiencies, especially the "Big 3", and then, to deal with those deficiencies that a person may have that can't be adequately tested for, I'd consume something like Daily Green Boost (in a meaningful quantity since most people are probably dealing with some nutrient insufficiencies/deficiencies... and I do not sell it).

I'd also look at the other equally important aspects of optimal health (sleep, activity, stress management, sunshine or its equivalent but not a D supplement, etc). Then give these improvements time to work.

Of course, symptoms should be looked at on a case-by-case basis; some symptoms may warrant special testing to rule out a serious underlying condition, and some symptoms are not a sign of something serious, just a sign of a body operating sub-optimally. Medical professionals can be used for some of the tests, and for other tests that they don't do as part of their standard-of-care, seek the counsel of someone who does. For example, as part of the Problematic Nutrient Testing counseling I do, I test D, B12, and iodine, the "Big 3" I referred to above. Because of how they're trained, most doctors don't test and/or assess these nutrients properly, and these are the deficiencies that plague most people – even vegans and raw vegans – and there are good reasons for this (talked about in this article).

Don Bennett is an insightful, reality-based author, and health creation counselor who uses the tools in his toolbox like logic, common sense, critical thinking, and independent thought to figure out how to live so we can be optimally healthy.


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