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Books by Don Bennett


How to Have the BEST Odds of
Avoiding Degenerative Disease

The Operation and Maintenance
Manual for Human Beings
The Raw Food Diet
and other healthy habits

Your Questions Answered

What You Know
That Isn't So

A reality-based guide to the less-than-accurate information in the health improvement community

Excerpted from the Foreword, by Professor Rozalind A. Gruben-Graham:

"The book you hold in your hands is a courageous attempt from one exceptionally brilliant man to offer you stark truths about your health...The words contained within were born from one man's passion; a passion that ignited in his heart upon discovering fundamental natural laws..."

Knowledge is Power

Yes, but what is knowledge? It is truthful information that you understand. It is information based on reality, not on someone's preferred beliefs, or on an industry's agenda.

The human body is a wonderfully complex biological machine. While it's true that we don't know everything about the human body, it is known what causes degenerative disease... it's just not common knowledge. The reason this information isn't well known isn't hard to figure out.

This new 200+ page book explodes the common misconceptions about disease and health, and explains in easy to understand terms why degenerative disease is NOT inevitable, and how it can be avoided.

And there's a bonus! An additional 50 pages of informative, insightful, and thought-provoking articles.


Don is a Natural Hygiene Educator, Disease Avoidance Specialist and lecturer. He is a truth seeker whose lectures explode common misconceptions about food and health. Don delivers a clear message that sets his audience on the straight path to good health." – Dave Klein, Publisher, Vibrance Magazine




"I have bought just about every health book on the shelf,
and this one stands out from the crowd... it gives the
most well-rounded approach, and doesn't sugarcoat
anything. This book belongs on the Top Ten table because
it has the greatest potential to benefit your physical health
and emotional well-being."
– Richard Olsen


It never hurts to ask, and it might hurt if you don't.

The only way you can have robust, optimal health is if you're acting on accurate information. And the only way to know if you are in possession of correct information is to question it. You can pose your health-related questions to a wide variety of health educators, and unfortunately you'll get a wide variety of answers, and inconsistent answers are obviously not in your best interest. So how do you separate answers based on reality from those based on personal preferences, preconceived notions, individual biases, rigid philosophies, and miseducation... not to mention the answers that benefit those driven by profit motives. Ask the magic question, "What are you basing that on?" If the answer you get appears to be well thought out and is explained so that you can understand it, then you may have found some correct information that you can use to your benefit.

But don't stop there. If you get an answer to your question that you think has some validity, take the opportunity to ask why you got contradictory answers from someone else. Doing so will help you get a thorough understanding of the issue.

Now more so than ever, there are a lot of health educators out there, and most are very well-meaning and well-intentioned, but never-the-less, some of them have received some miseducation unbeknownst to them. It goes without saying that if you follow that educator 100%, you may be acting on some misinformation. Since this could affect your health outcome decades from now, it is imperative that you're armed with correct information.

My research over the last 30+ years has always been with the goal to unearth the truth (though the heavens may fall), and to share what I've learned with others for their consideration and benefit. This book contains over 200 thoughtful questions from people just like you... people wanting correct health information. The answers come from a mind geared towards independent and unbiased thinking, hallmarks of any good truth seeker.





What can do you the most harm is the name of this book.

As was noted above, for the second book, the only way you can have robust, optimal health is if you're acting on accurate information. The above book answered the questions you thought to ask. But what about the information you believe to be true; what about the info you have no reason to question? That's the really insidious information because you aren't aware it's incorrect.

The over 80 pieces of miseducation in this book were compiled over a ten year period until it got to the point where I could be silent no longer. My counseling practice was seeing too many people who got themselves into a state of ill health by unknowingly following inaccurate information. This book will help put a stop to that.

"A banquet of food for thought!"

"I thought it was a much needed book in the raw community,
and I found it to be a thought-provoking read.



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More recommended reading

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The China Study
by T. Colin Campbell

This is the most important health book to come along in 75 years. An enjoyable book by a heroic nutrition researcher, presenting the irrefutable facts about why the vegan diet (no animal foods) is superior for preventing and reversing diseases and promoting superb health. Presents tons of convincing information (without confusing technical jargon) based upon the largest human nutrition study ever conducted. Also includes astonishing stories of U.S. political-scientific health policy perversions, and the author's frank assessment of how and why the power elite have lost their regard for human life. This book should be the teaching model for every nutrition course and program in the world.


The Ultimate Raw Food Diet
by Ellen Livingston

To paraphrase an old expression, the truth shall set you on the straight path to vibrant health. There is so much misinformation regarding health and disease, and not enough honest, straightforward guidance, but just such guidance awaits you within this book. The Ultimate Raw Food Diet Detox and Wellness Program by Ellen Livingston belongs in every health seeker's library. In plain, easy to understand terms, Ellen lays out the facts about how eating the diet we're designed to eat can help your body cleanse itself and in so doing, improve its operating efficiency and improve your chances of living a disease-free life.


The Path to Paradise

by Anne Osborne

A highly recommended book. It will explain the diet humans are actually designed to eat, which can be very different from what some raw food educators are recommending. Some of us may not be able to eat this way, but we should know about the diet we're suited to eat so we can move as far in that direction as possible.


The History of Natural Hygiene
by Hereward Carrington

It is vital that the true meaning of "healthful living" be thoroughly understood so that your health practices are rooted in the realities of health; the ways of (your) nature. And therefore this book should be part of every health-seekers library. It is still available from Amazon.com. Get it while it is still available.


Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products
by Mark Shapiro

Exposed is a revealing and fascinating look at global markets, everyday products, and the toxic chemicals that bind them. Increasingly, products developed and sold in the United States are equated with serious health hazards, and many of those products are soon to be banned from Europe and other parts of the world. The author's revelations in this thought-provoking work will change the way American consumers think about everyday products. Can also be purchased here.


Politics of Cancer
by Samuel S. Epstein, MD

Two decades following his landmark The Politics of Cancer, Samuel S. Epstein, MD now presents fresh, compelling and detailed evidence on why we are losing the winnable war against cancer. The author's basic charges are backed by 65 leading national public health and cancer prevention experts, including past directors of three federal health agencies.


The Slow Poisoning of America
by John Erb

Every year more and more people are being stricken with disease and illness. Diabetes, Alzheimer's, Obesity, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Headaches and Migraines, and neurodegenerative conditions are ailments whose dramatic increase jeopardize the health of the entire country. This threat does not come from terrorists or from hostile countries, but from within our very own borders. Embark on a journey to discover the reasons why in a time of medical wonder, people are suffering in record numbers. The findings of almost two hundred medical research studies will guide you to the poisons behind these illnesses. You have the power to do something about this, to protect yourself and your family, but only if you know what the problem is.


Milk: The Deadly Poison
by Robert Cohen

You may not want to hear this, but what you've been told all your life about milk is an outright lie. A glass of milk, even the low-fat kind, is awash in fat (the equivalent of three slices of bacon), cholesterol, antibiotics, bacteria, and -- the most distasteful ingredient -- pus.  A source of calcium? Yes. A healthy source of usable calcium? You be the judge. A way to help prevent osteoporosis, or a contributing factor to it? The facts will shock you.


The Breast Cancer Prevention Program
by Samuel S. Epstein, MD and David Steinman

Only four decades ago, the breast cancer rate was 1 in 20. Now it is 1 in 4. Yet the cancer establishment still insists that "we have turned the tide against cancer." Not so, say the authors of this groundbreaking book. They back up this claim with the most thorough analysis of all known and suspected causes of breast cancer yet undertaken. They reveal the heartening news that you can take steps to reduce your risks of getting breast cancer, since its rise is directly related to an out-of-control spread of factors that increase your risk - from environmental and workplace carcinogens to unhealthy lifestyle choices.


Dressed to Kill
The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras
by Sydney Ross Singer & Soma Grismaijer

The authors (one a woman) have collected striking evidence that bra-wearing is a major risk factor associated with breast cancer: women who wore bras more than 12 hour per day had a 1 out of 7 risk, and women who wore bras rarely or never, had a 1 out of 168 chance of getting breast cancer. The snug fitting garment inhibits the proper functioning of the lymphatic system (an internal network of vessels and nodes that flushes wastes from the body) and leads to a buildup of carcinogenic compounds in the constricted area. Women evolved under conditions where there was breast movement with every step they took. This causes lymphatic flow which cleans the breast of toxins and wastes that arise from cellular metabolism. This book is a must read for any woman who'd rather not get breast cancer. It's available here. And click here to read a great article on bras and breast cancer.