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Raw Foods:
Foods That You and
Your Body Will Love

There's an old saying: You Are What You Eat, and if you're eating what you're designed to eat, you should thrive. But today most people are not thriving, they are merely surviving. This is partially due to the consumption of foods that we are not physiologically adapted to eat. It's a no-brainer that if you put a fuel into your car's tank that the car isn't designed to use, the engine won't run as well as it could, it will likely experience problems, and it won't last as long as it should. We're no different.

For optimal physical health and emotional well-being (because of the Body-Mind connection) logic dictates that we should eat what we're designed to eat. But what the vast majority of Americans eat today is dictated by industry and social custom, and the result is the continuing decline of public health. But the good news is that you can eat whatever you want; you have a choice! You can eat foods that nourish and support your body's efforts at staying ahead of degenerative disease, but the trick is knowing what these foods are, and equally as important, what they are not.

Just as there is a junk food industry and industries that claim to sell foods that are good for you (according to the USDA and mainstream nutritionists), there is also an industry that has sprouted up around the popular diet trends such as the vegetarian, vegan, and raw food diets. In very important ways, some information from some of the advocates of these healthier diets is just as inaccurate and just as misinformative as the dietary information that's courtesy of the meat, grain, and dairy industries. Even within the raw food community, the conflicting information can be enough to derail someone's best intentions at adopting a healthy diet.

This class is changing that. The information you will receive is based on the science of health and nutrition which is firmly rooted in the hard sciences of biology and physiology. One of its core principles is: if you start giving your body what it needs to support robust health and healing, and you stop giving it the things that cause ill-health and burden the body's ability to deal with any current health problems (known and unknown), your body will vector towards optimal health, and will maintain a vibrant state of wellness throughout your entire life. It all begins with learning about your species-specific diet, and how to sufficiently satisfy your body's nutritional preferences (while at the same time satisfying your taste buds). And also crucial to your success is learning how to incorporate a healthy diet into your lifestyle so that it's not a constant struggle.

It may surprise some people to learn that there is no such thing as "the raw food diet" because there are many variations, some very different than others in the way they can affect your health. They all may consist of uncooked, plant-based items, but that's where the similarity ends. And if you want long term health viability, and not just short term health improvements, you need to know what you're designed to eat so you can make informed choices; choices that will lead you down a path that will give you the best odds of never getting a diagnosis of serious illness – which is one of the differences between surviving and thriving.

This class is presented by Don Bennett, one of the most trusted educators in the field of natural health care. For 18 years Don has been eating an all uncooked fruit and vegetable diet, and has discovered how a healthy raw food diet can work for those who want it to work. In addition to Don's raw food diet experience, his three decades of health creation and disease avoidance research is available to you in this class. And you'll also be treated to food preparation demonstrations of some Simple 'n Healthy Raw Cuisine.

Attain your health, longevity, and happiness potentials by investing for your future health with a course of study based on the human body's capacity to be self-healing and self-maintaining. Discover how to improve your health and increase your chances of avoiding serious illness, and how to feel better than you ever thought possible.

"The content and delivery was great, as was the food. Thoroughly enjoyable! I adapted one of the recipes you taught us. I had a cucumber salad with fresh papaya and peach dressing. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge."

"Your class could not have been more honest and straightforward, and it was very professionally done."

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Included with class is this ten page handout
filled with some fantastic articles.


What is Natural Hygiene?
A Raw Food Diet vs a Raw Food Diet
Transitioning to a Healthy Raw Food Diet
   the Easy Way
Living Vibrantly with Emotional Poise
Health-Care is Self-Care
Do Whatever Works for You
Recommended Reading
Internet Resource List

Also included, a recipe booklet that contains
16 Simple 'n Healthy Raw Cuisine recipes
by the pioneer in easy raw food preparation,
Ellen Livingston...
...and this four page article on the things you
need to know about "food miscombining".
Students will see how to make, and get to eat banana "ice cream". There will be healthy toppings too. Imagine, a dessert you eat as a meal!

At the second food break, students will see
how to make, and get to eat some vegetable
pasta with a delicious low-fat sauce that you will absolutely love!


Don's book, How to Have the BEST Odds
of Avoiding Degenerative Disease
will be available. (Read a review here)


Class Synopsis

Overview of health creation and disease avoidance concepts

Causative factors in disease

Diet's affect on diabetes

Diet's role in disease avoidance

Difference between caloric energy and nervous system energy

Physical health's affect on emotional well-being

How to determine our dietary character

Caloric quality vs caloric quantity

What does cooking do to food

Why are there different raw food diets

Differences between the raw food diets

Understanding "caloro-nutrients"

Why the different
carb-fat-protein ratios

What is a health-promoting carb-fat-protein ratio

What causes cravings

Difference between good cravings and bad cravings

How a raw food diet can be simple and satisfying

What causes overeating and how to prevent it

How to attain and maintain a normal weight

How much protein do we really need

What causes autoimmune diseases

The value of not miscombining foods

How to combine foods healthfully

The causes of inadequate nutrition

The keys to sufficient nutrition

How to transition to a healthier diet

The reasons why some people don't succeed on a raw food diet

How to make delicious and healthy meals



These are three excerpts from the class


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"Diabetes explained" - 2 minutes



Click the PLAY button above to view
"Easier digestion equals less disease" - 3 minutes



Click the PLAY button above to view
"Why cooked food causes overeating" - 1 minute

The tuition for this 4-hour class includes food
to eat, handouts, and health-enhancing information.
Tuition: $75

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago...
the second best time is today.

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