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Health 101's Educational Resources

Interview with Don Bennett by Zoria (video)

Interview with Don Bennett by Brian Rossiter (print)

Interview with Don Bennett by Alison Andrews (print)

Interview with Don Bennett by Michele Martinez (print)

Interview with Don Bennett by Paul Kelly (video)

Article on calories

Article on cravings

Article: Raw Vegan 2.0

Article: Why We Shouldn't Rely on Cron-O-Meter to Assess Our Nutrient Needs

Article: With Nutrition, Enough is Not Necessarily Enough

Article: Where Do We Get Our Vitamins From?

Article on "Melon-Belly" (pain or discomfort from eating a fruit meal)

Article: Is Raw Food Superior to Cooked Food?

Article: Helpful Information or Confusing Opinions?

Article: The Ethos of Science

Article: When is Unnatural a Good Thing?

Article: Fasting

Article: Can a Child Be Raised as a Raw Vegan?

Article: Rebuttal to Doug Graham's erroneous claims about barley grass juice powder

Don's Banana Page (multiple articles dealing with banana related issues)

Don's Coconut Page

Don's blog (a lot of thought-provoking info is always being added here)

Don's blog on dental issues

Don's books

Don's classes on DVD

Articles by Don Bennett (where you'll find the article on Vitamin D and B12)

Video: Diabetes Explained

Video: How Cooked Food Causes Overeating

Video: Protein Explained

Video: Digestion and Disease

Video: Why Eat An Alkaline Diet

Video: Why the Need for Nutritional Supplementation

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