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I feel the knowledge I've learned in this class is the first step of my journey to a lasting, healthy, disease-free life. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to live life free of illness and disease. - Jeanne Rowlette

Don is a wonderful instructor - passionate about the material. I felt free to ask questions. He knows the material backwards and forwards, has a lot of energy, and is living what he teaches. - Cindy Gomez

This course has given me a lot of confidence to make positive changes in my diet. - Kathleen Douglass

After taking this class, you will see that you can eliminate unwanted symptoms by addressing their root causes. I think what Don is teaching is essentially "internal environment optimization." - Heather Shirley

What helped me most was having a goal to shoot for, and knowing someone cares that I stick to my goals. - Rachel Rose

This course enabled me to make positive changes in my diet and lifestyle. I feel better than ever! Don's teaching style is perfect: zest and enthusiasm, humorous and relaxed. - John Glasnak

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