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  Simple Things You Can Do
to Dramatically Decrease the
Odds of Getting a Diagnosis
of Something Serious

Wow, for the name of a class, that's a mouthful! But doesn't it sound like a worthwhile goal? Of course it does; who wouldn't want vastly improved odds of never getting a diagnosis of a serious disease. But since many people feel that some kind of illness is inevitable, they aren't open to hearing this sort of information. And that's the real tragedy, because it is known what causes the most serious diseases plaguing our society today, and it is known what can be done to prevent them, and even to get rid of them... it's just not common knowledge.

This seminar is changing that. The information you will receive is based on the science of health which is firmly rooted in the hard sciences of biology and physiology. One of its core principles is: if you start giving your body what it needs to support robust health and healing, and if you stop doing the things that cause ill-health and that burden the body's ability to deal with any current health problems (known and unknown), in the vast majority of cases your body is perfectly capable of healing that which ails it, and of maintaining a robust state of health throughout your entire life. It all begins with respecting your body.

It is now known how to prevent cancer (even if it runs in your family), how to get rid of type 2 diabetes, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and a host of other modern conditions. This is not good news for certain industries but it is great news for anyone who'd rather not have their lives turned upside down by a serious illness. The requirements of vibrant health are surprisingly simple, but an understanding of their principles is essential to applying them successfully.


This seminar is presented by Don Bennett, one of the most trusted educators in the field of natural health care. His three decades of health creation and disease avoidance research is available to you in this seminar. (Note: This class is a compilation of our other two classes. If you want more in-depth coverage of the issues that affect health and disease, it is suggested that you take the other two classes instead.)

Attain your health, longevity, and happiness potentials by investing for your future health with a course of study based on the human body's capacity to be self-healing and self-maintaining. Discover how to improve your health and increase your chances of avoiding serious illness, and how you can feel better than you ever thought possible.

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To view some video excerpts from Don's classes, visit the raw foods class page and scroll down to the video clips.

The tuition for this 4-hour class includes food
to eat, handouts, and health-enhancing information.
Tuition: $75

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