Recommended Reading

How Healthy Do You Want to Be?

The "first things first" approach to health

Why a Raw Vegan Diet Fails

The Raw Vegan Diet 2.0

There are 7 different raw vegan diets!

Why do some health educators teach some inaccurate info?

What makes for a proper raw vegan educator?

With Nutrition, Enough is Not Necessarily Enough

How a raw diet can provide less nutrients than the typical Western diet

Nutrition, the lowdown

Cravings, how to get rid of them

Calories, how to figure out how many you need

Fasting, some facts you need to know

Facts about vitamin D and sunshine

Facts about B12

Facts about iodine (thee most problematic nutrient)

The other equally important "basics of health" besides diet

Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Vegan Diet

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These books should be in every raw vegan's library...


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